London Flood Awareness Week 2022

At the start of London Flood Awareness Week, Mayor Philip Glanville, London Councils’ Climate Change, Transport and Environment Lead, said:

“In recent years we have seen the damaging effects flooding has on London’s communities, and sadly flooding events are at risk of becoming a more frequent occurrence with the impact of climate change and London’s growing population affecting the capital.

“London boroughs are determined to play a leading role in tackling surface water flooding. We are taking steps to expand local and national understanding as to how we can prevent serious surface water flooding events and mitigate their impact, but we cannot do it alone.

“As London Flood Awareness Week begins, we continue to work with partners across the capital to deal with this pressing and critical issue.

“I look forward to the first meeting of the Surface Water Flooding Strategic Forum in December to begin to address some of London’s long-term strategic challenges of flooding, while also sharing information and improving communication.

“Looking towards the future, a huge amount of investment will be needed to build modern infrastructure that protects Londoners from flooding. Vitally, we must ensure that we address flooding in all areas, particularly for our most vulnerable residents.

“Although we are looking at an investment model for achieving net zero more generally, London is already facing a backlog of over £1bn in road maintenance work alone. Boroughs need substantial funding in order to deal with this backlog and establish new sustainable drainage solutions.” 


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