London boroughs are prepared for the cold weather - Statement on gritting plans for London

In light of the recent cold weather and dropping temperatures, Mayor Philip Glanville, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said: 

“We face a lot of uncertainty as 2021 draws to a close, but when it comes to cold weather London boroughs are prepared for the winter season. Boroughs have enough salt available at key locations across the capital for quick and easy access to deal with the challenge of frozen roads and pavements.

“Boroughs understand how important it is to maintain road safety, especially at this time of year.  As winter sets in, boroughs are working flat out to ensure their most important routes are free of frost and ice and safe for road users across the capital. Highway teams continue to monitor high-tech weather forecasts, ready to treat the roads and pavements with salt as soon as conditions demand it. Councils are also committed to keeping people up to date about forecasts, road conditions and salting activity so residents can make appropriate decisions on whether to travel. 

“It is also vital for all of us to be more aware when using roads during the darker, winter months. As there are fewer hours of daylight and greater risk of icier roads, road users should make sure to look out for pedestrians as well as other fellow road users such as cyclists and moped riders, and be as safe as possible by observing the speed limit.

“We are also asking that Londoners be extra vigilant throughout the colder months to make sure their neighbours are okay. If you notice milk bottles left outside, newspapers stuck in the letterbox or curtains drawn all day, or any other activity that is out of the ordinary, it could be a sign that someone in your community needs help.”


Notes to editors: 

1) Photo credit: Croydon Council / FM Conway


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