London Councils responds to the Net Zero Review

In response to today’s Net Zero Review from Chris Skidmore MP, Mayor Philip Glanville, London Councils’ Executive Member for Climate Change, Transport and Environment, said:

“Today’s Net Zero Review confirms that in order to create a sustainable, effective transition to tackle climate change, local authorities must be at the core.   

“Local government is an essential partner in achieving the UK’s net zero goals, as councils have a unique understanding of the local context and strong local relationships with their communities. We can deliver emissions reductions in a way that is holistic, garners community support, and ensures a just transition. London Councils responded to the consultation, and I met with Chris Skidmore to emphasise the role of London boroughs in our national net zero goals. It is positive to see our representations reflected in the report. 

“Today’s report highlights the number of barriers we face in delivering net zero targets. These include the complexity of government funding programmes and the lack of long-term certainty for funding which has a knock-on effect on local places’ ability to strategically plan and deliver projects efficiently. This in turn has an effect on the creation of markets and the growth of the green economy.

“We welcome the acknowledgement of these challenges, particularly the recommendation for central Government to simplify the net zero funding landscape for all local authorities by the next Spending Review. Clearer funding processes will allow local authorities to maximise the economic and social benefits of net zero while making the most cost-effective use of resources within their communities. 

“We stand ready to work with Government and other partners to achieve a successful, place-based transition to net zero that develops green jobs for the future.” 



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