London Councils announces shortlist for London Borough Apprenticeship Awards 2023

London Councils is delighted to announce the shortlist of nominees for the 2023 London Borough Apprenticeship Awards, which celebrate the incredible impact apprentices have made across local government in the capital. 

This year marks 13 years since the awards began, a highlight each year in celebrating apprentices who have excelled in enriching and empowering their local communities. The shortlisted nominees enhance the boroughs they work in, strengthen local services and inspire many of their colleagues in local government.  

London boroughs continue to create as many apprenticeship opportunities as possible. These schemes are open to individuals of all ages, levels of experience, and backgrounds, and provide invaluable training for a large number of career paths.  They provide Londoners an opportunity to earn while they learn during a cost of living crisis.

London Councils is currently working with London boroughs to support them to increase the number of young and diverse apprentices they employ, after a reduction in the number of under 24 year old apprentices among both London boroughs and London employers since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in 2017.

The winners will be announced at the London Borough Apprenticeship Awards ceremony on the 11th September 2023.  


Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE, London Councils’ Executive Member for Skills and Employment, said: 

“Each year, through the London Borough Apprenticeship Awards, we come together to celebrate the outstanding achievements of apprentices working for London boroughs and their supply chains. I am delighted to announce the names of the 26 apprentices who have been shortlisted for their talents and impact working across the capital.  

“Across London we see apprenticeships open up amazing opportunities to Londoners from our diverse communities. Boroughs are a driving force in championing apprenticeships as a fantastic way for people to gain new skills as well as boosting industries with recruitment challenges – including London boroughs themselves. I encourage all London employers to redouble their efforts in offering more apprenticeship opportunities.

“The Awards demonstrate the scale of ambition London boroughs have for their communities, as apprenticeships symbolise one of the many ways local government in London offers empowering opportunities through skills development.

“The nominees of this year’s awards showcase an excellent array of talented apprentices motivated to serve the public good alongside the dedicated officers and managers who take on and support them to achieve their potential. I look forward to celebrating all the nominees and winners in September." 


Notes to editors: 

1) To view the full list of nominees, please visit the London Councils website.

2) The London Borough Apprenticeship Awards 2023 will be held on the 11th September at the Barber-Surgeons Hall.



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